Two a Day

I finished at the gym this morning to a text message “Hi Mom!”

Talk about sweet! It made me kinda sad thought because I left before she woke up this morning. 

I know this is good though, and not all days will be this busy.

Breakfast, big surprise banana peanut smoothie, iced coffee and a clementine.

Lunch/ snack was leftover Turkey chili jalapeno mac, tomatoes, clementine 

After my second workout of the day (yay, I did it!)  I got home to a laughing baby, same smile as the picture above and had some snuggles, a delicious pilsner and this dinner…. 

Chicken Parmesan Wonton Cupcakes with salad 

SO GOOD! I love the easy portion sizing too, very smart. I have a feeling I’m going to be using a lot of emily’s recipes.  I love that she has the Wwpp too, I’ve been really successful with counting! 

In other news, I’ve deactivated my Facebook account. I wasn’t getting joy from it anymore and was toying with the idea of deleting it. It’ll be hard to get out of the habit to check it but I’d like to spend my time more offline. It helps that Marc deleted his too a few weeks ago. 

I hope you have a good night! Going for two a day tomorrow as well, gotta meet that 12 visits! Next month will be more consistent. 


Time Warp

How is it already day 3?

I’ll take it! 

I’ve been enjoying that peanut banana smoothie, iced coffee and fruit lately, today was a clementine. 

Snacked on celery, baked BBQ chips. Lunch was leftover split pea and another clementine. 

Went to the gym again today (walked on incline 45 minutes). I’m feeling happy because  I’ve almost hit my goal of going to the gym 12x this month. 20$ off dues through my insurance if  I do! Woot woot! I guess I’m very money motivated lol, that must be the Taurus in me. 

Marc made a delicious dinner! Turkey Chili Mac with Jalapeños 

I couldn’t resist adding this snuggle bug picture from last night. I crave early mornings and early evenings, they’re mommy and me time. 
This is probably my biggest hurdle, I feel like I don’t get a lot of time with her and she’s only going to be this small for such a brief time. I’m determined to keep going though…she needs a good role model and like I said before, I want to be able to keep up!!! 

Have a good night! Thanks for reading! Off to watch Will Smith’s movie Concussion, how exciting! 

We like Split Pea

Soup that is! I crockpotted (is that a word?) a bunch of split pea soup and Anya and I had some for dinner (marc said it was “gag sauce”)…  the ladies of the house thought it was delish! 

I was so proud of myself, woke up early and went to the gym, felt like I had just left since I went last night too! 

Here’s my victory smoothie! Don’t judge the lion mane, I showered at the gym and their blow dryers are no joke! 

I had leftover quinoa casserole for lunch and am currently celebrating a job well done with my loves. 

I stayed under my points, had lots of energy at work (most of the day), was in a good mood and accomplished a lot! 

Cheers to day 2 in the books! 

A Journey

January comes and goals begin, mine are no different from others. 
However, I feel like something inside of me is changing. Clarity has been showing up and with it, a tiny whisper of self worth. 

For me, optimal health has been a fictional character that I might have had a peripheral glimpse at around 2011-2012. From there- shit got real and I went from paddling water to 20,000 leagues under the sea. 
The beauty is that it’s not the end of my story. This journey will keep going and I decide where I’ll end up.  

I’m going to fight. I’m fighting for the ability to chase Anya around until she’s tired. I’m fighting for myself and how I wish to love my body instead of soothing old hurts. 

So let’s start again shall we? I almost wrote start over but in reality it’s not starting over because I have so much knowledge of what’s worked/ hasn’t worked for me. 

The last time I lost 80 pounds,( I started slow with Weight Watchers and you better believe I’m doing this again. I also kept my blog going and wrote in it consistently. I exercised more times a week then not. I kept myself motivated by sharing my journey with others. I took pictures of what I ate/did that day.

Done deal. 

Breakfast: (5 Wwpp) 

Banana peanut smoothie with iced coffee and a pear

Lunch/snack: (11 Wwpp) 

Apple Cheddar turkey wrap with baked BBQ chips and celery

Dinner: Emily Bites Beef Enchilada Quinoa Casserole (8Wwpp) 

…With a beer and avocado  (8 Wwpp)

I’ll be spinning tonight with my best friend and all is well within my heart.  

Here’s to the journey.