Sad ‘sketti 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the saddest little spaghetti bowl that ever lived.  

To make up for it, a beautiful flower from a beautiful friend. 

Anya and Marc couldn’t hang so they fell asleep early. Anya was up every 45 minutes crying last night, I have no idea why. She’s so cute though (pic from the weekend).

Now it’s just me and the pets with our lonely spaghetti that lacks flavor, sauce, Parmesan and love. 




Here are the things I’d really like to accomplish before I go to sleep tonight: 

Make gingerbread banana muffins

Paint my nails

Do a yoga video 


I’m feeling slightly pessimistic that these things will get done. What I notice about the above list, is it consists of 4 things I’d like to do for myself

I barely caught my breath today at work. I know it’s going to be a very busy stretch and I am sad that I dread it. Focusing on the good part of the work day, I made a milkshake for a resident who’s just been put in hospice. She hasn’t been drinking/eating for a while and she enjoyed the shake. She smiled and took another sip. I haven’t experienced that in a while and it made me feel like it was worth it in that moment. 

After getting Anya, I made a quick dinner of eggs, ham and smoked Gouda with an herby salad and homemade vinaigrette. In need more 5 minute meals like this! 

Anya is whining and I’m hoping she’ll go to sleep so maybe I can get one of the four things done tonight. She’s fighting sleep these days- as pictured.



Today was a beautiful day, I felt better and Anya allowed herself rest. What could be better? 
Vanilla yogurt, clementine and life cereal pulled a close second. 

We all loved the sun, especially this guy who thinks he’s a royal prince that needs to be strolled around. 

Anya took the longest nap, I actually had to wake her up because I was worried she wouldn’t sleep tonight. 

I love it when she wakes up from a nap, she is sooo cuddly after. Sorry about the boogies…

I had a BBQ chicken wrap for lunch. I like days where I’m not constantly thinking about what I’m going to eat next. Unfortunately they’re rare but today was one of those great days. Maybe it was the yoga I did this morning? 

After lunch, Anya,  Bean and I went for a long walk. I listened to my podcast as Anya sang. 

I loved the juxtaposition of the blue spring like sky and the muddy dull ground. 

I couldn’t believe Anya fell asleep!!! She must be growing.  She did cut another tooth yesterday, we have 6 now! 

I made a roast pork with vegetables for dinner. So easy, aromatic and nostalgic for me. I haven’t made something like this in a long time and I’m glad I did. 

Anya just went to sleep super easy (wow, yay!) and I’m going to find a movie maybe. 



Does anyone else feel like iPhones are ridiculous with typos? I reread a few of my posts and MAN!!! Typos ☹️ sorry about ’em. 

As expected, today was absolutely gorgeous. Anya and I celebrated by eating dirt, leaves and getting soggy bums on our blanket. 

I’m still feeling lousy so normal foods didn’t seem all that appealing, Persian cucumber though? Okay! 

Anya, Bean and I went for a long leisurely walk while I listened to a podcast (or 3). We all enjoyed the time in the sun. 

After our walk we had a delicious lunch. Anya’s consisted of guacamole, banana and teething biscuits/ cheerios. Mine was tillamook Cheddar, baguette & honey. I’m telling you, that podcast! Lol! 

Anya hit her head THREE times today. Her poor little head has some red bumps, one might even bruise. I hate this part of her moving and grooving! 

Ever since I made that bratwurst with grilled onions I’ve been thinking about a delicious hot dog with grilled onions, something my dad always loved. I found some grass fed, uncured beef franks at TJ’s- pretty good! Some potato hash on the side. Marc’s iced coffee also pictured. 

Here’s hoping marcs successful getting Anya to sleep before he leaves for work. 



Fever, chills, sinus infection, crinkle lungs, nose running a marathon- you name it, I’ve got it. 

I finished my work at a crazy pace and left early. The weather is absolutely gorgeous, so I listened to my new favorite thing, spilled milk podcast, while the suns and wind tried to drive my sickness away. 

One thing that I guess I never really though of before having Anya is that when you’re not feeling well, you still have to be Mom. The baby (and is) still need to eat! I went to Trader Joe’s and I’m so glad I did. I usually don’t go because I consider it out of the way, but when I pick up Anya it could be considered going the right direction haha! I’ve lived in the city too long, it’s really not that far. 

Anyway, I came up with dinner ideas based on what looked fresh/ on sale at the store- actually highly unusual for me! 

Here’s what’s for dinner tonight: 

Herby green salad with fresh dill and a lemon doll white beantuna crostini. 

Amazing how affordable and filling. 

I just rubbed lavender lotion all over Anya, convincing her she’s tired. She should be though, look at this picture I got at work! 

Swimming in the indoor pool at her grandparents house- what a life! 

The good thing about her crawling is she can entertain herself for longer periods of time. This means I can huddle in a ball on the couch and try to teach her the words “no” “ouch” and “ucky” 

Maybe also “mumma”?  When does that happen? 


Time Travels

I blinked and Sunday became Thursday… what the? 
I didn’t mean to have abandoned my blog for so long. I really feel like I time traveled to today. 

We’ve been kind of creative with our dinners lately to try to save some money. I like trying to clear out the fridge and cupboards every now and then. 

Tonight was turkey bratwurst, grilled onions, salad and rice. 

Going grocery shopping tomorrow! 


Cookbook Club 

Today was our first cookbook club and it couldn’t have gone better. I was the host and so I picked Maya Angelou’s Hallelujah Welcome table.

Here’s what we decided to make. The way it works is everyone signs up for the dish they’d like to make and brings it to pass.

I was really impressed with the salads especially.. omg and the desserts!

Everything turned out so good!

Great conversation too!

Anya met her new boyfriend!

Way too precious!