Swiss Chard

Marc sent me some pictures of Anya today; look she found the great outdoors! 

I love that she was on her tiptoes, she reminds me of tommy pickles from Rugrats in that one! 

The cat joined her, soaking up the sun. 

Marc and his Dad were working on the plumbing in our bathroom when I got home from work so I quickly made dinner. Pork shoulder, spicy Swiss chard with bacon and Parmesan polenta. We were going to have friends over for dinner but unfortunately she wasn’t feeling well (feel better soon 🤗)

While dinner was cooking I made some quick pickles out of the Swiss chard stems and a couple lonely zucchini in the fridge a la Tamar Adler. 

Can’t wait to try them. Wow am I glad I can go to sleep soon 🤣



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