Sad ‘sketti 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the saddest little spaghetti bowl that ever lived.  

To make up for it, a beautiful flower from a beautiful friend. 

Anya and Marc couldn’t hang so they fell asleep early. Anya was up every 45 minutes crying last night, I have no idea why. She’s so cute though (pic from the weekend).

Now it’s just me and the pets with our lonely spaghetti that lacks flavor, sauce, Parmesan and love. 



One thought on “Sad ‘sketti ”

  1. That tulip is brilliant! And so is Anya’s sleepy face. I’ve been having a lot of “sad” meals lately, usually involving pasta and jarred sauce. I bought a terrible jar of basil pesto the other day so I put marinara sauce over the top to cover up the taste and then tons of grated parm aka “shakey cheese.” It was sad, but better than fast food, or cereal (maybe not better than cereal).

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