Here are the things I’d really like to accomplish before I go to sleep tonight: 

Make gingerbread banana muffins

Paint my nails

Do a yoga video 


I’m feeling slightly pessimistic that these things will get done. What I notice about the above list, is it consists of 4 things I’d like to do for myself

I barely caught my breath today at work. I know it’s going to be a very busy stretch and I am sad that I dread it. Focusing on the good part of the work day, I made a milkshake for a resident who’s just been put in hospice. She hasn’t been drinking/eating for a while and she enjoyed the shake. She smiled and took another sip. I haven’t experienced that in a while and it made me feel like it was worth it in that moment. 

After getting Anya, I made a quick dinner of eggs, ham and smoked Gouda with an herby salad and homemade vinaigrette. In need more 5 minute meals like this! 

Anya is whining and I’m hoping she’ll go to sleep so maybe I can get one of the four things done tonight. She’s fighting sleep these days- as pictured.



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