Does anyone else feel like iPhones are ridiculous with typos? I reread a few of my posts and MAN!!! Typos ☹️ sorry about ’em. 

As expected, today was absolutely gorgeous. Anya and I celebrated by eating dirt, leaves and getting soggy bums on our blanket. 

I’m still feeling lousy so normal foods didn’t seem all that appealing, Persian cucumber though? Okay! 

Anya, Bean and I went for a long leisurely walk while I listened to a podcast (or 3). We all enjoyed the time in the sun. 

After our walk we had a delicious lunch. Anya’s consisted of guacamole, banana and teething biscuits/ cheerios. Mine was tillamook Cheddar, baguette & honey. I’m telling you, that podcast! Lol! 

Anya hit her head THREE times today. Her poor little head has some red bumps, one might even bruise. I hate this part of her moving and grooving! 

Ever since I made that bratwurst with grilled onions I’ve been thinking about a delicious hot dog with grilled onions, something my dad always loved. I found some grass fed, uncured beef franks at TJ’s- pretty good! Some potato hash on the side. Marc’s iced coffee also pictured. 

Here’s hoping marcs successful getting Anya to sleep before he leaves for work. 



One thought on “Typo ”

  1. Sounds like you’re feeling a bit better! Glad to hear it. I’m going to have to try that cheese-bread-honey combo. I’ve had honey and cheese on figs and pears and other fruits before, but never thought about it on bread!
    PS – Typos in my posts drive me crazy too. Whenever I see them, I go back and edit, haha.


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