Fever, chills, sinus infection, crinkle lungs, nose running a marathon- you name it, I’ve got it. 

I finished my work at a crazy pace and left early. The weather is absolutely gorgeous, so I listened to my new favorite thing, spilled milk podcast, while the suns and wind tried to drive my sickness away. 

One thing that I guess I never really though of before having Anya is that when you’re not feeling well, you still have to be Mom. The baby (and is) still need to eat! I went to Trader Joe’s and I’m so glad I did. I usually don’t go because I consider it out of the way, but when I pick up Anya it could be considered going the right direction haha! I’ve lived in the city too long, it’s really not that far. 

Anyway, I came up with dinner ideas based on what looked fresh/ on sale at the store- actually highly unusual for me! 

Here’s what’s for dinner tonight: 

Herby green salad with fresh dill and a lemon doll white beantuna crostini. 

Amazing how affordable and filling. 

I just rubbed lavender lotion all over Anya, convincing her she’s tired. She should be though, look at this picture I got at work! 

Swimming in the indoor pool at her grandparents house- what a life! 

The good thing about her crawling is she can entertain herself for longer periods of time. This means I can huddle in a ball on the couch and try to teach her the words “no” “ouch” and “ucky” 

Maybe also “mumma”?  When does that happen? 



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