I woke up with a touch of anxiety as I’m hosting a cookbook club meeting tomorrow. In my mind I’m like, “what possessed me to volunteer for this?” It didn’t help matters when marc when to sleep early because he’s sick and Anya was also sick and whining all night long.  It’s easy to focus on jitters but I am actually very excited for tomorrow. We are going to have an amazing time!

I made eggs, grapes and toast with neufchâtel cheese and strawberry jam for breakfast. I love eggs!

Here’s the little snot bucket… my darling sicky.

I spent most the day trying to clean the house but poor Anya wasn’t having it. I almost lost my patience but remembered the backpack… THE BACKPACK!

A while later, I was trying to move a rug from the basement to the dining room and noticed how quiet she was being, and realized she was getting tired. I layed her down to see what would happen and she fell asleep so quickly! I was trapped, haha!

I let her sleep like that for a while and thought I could get out but it didn’t work, darn it!

Thankfully I was able to get back down after I snapped that photo.
Dinner was particularly good tonight, BBQ chicken and broccoli. I’ve been using the steamer more and I really like steamed broccoli, even with nothing on it. Weird? Maybe.

I feel good with the amount of work I got done today but still need to go to the grocery store tomorrow morning and get some cooking done before the group arrives. Wish me luck!


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