The title really speaks for itself, Anya crawled today! I’m so proud. I got lots of video, but here she is when I hit photo instead of video before the second crawling episode.

But I’m definitely getting ahead of myself. Other special things happened too, not anywhere near that caliber, but special just the same. Marc brought home doughnuts for breakfast! Omg. With a hot, dark roast coffee? Yes please!

It was about 9:30, Anya had already had her first nap of the day and I realized today was going to be long. So I thought, let’s just try to take a walk and if it’s too cold we’ll make it short and sweet. Then we were off!  Beanka did well next to the stroller, she’s hella afraid of it.

Anya was all bundled and sang to me the whole trip. We saw a few birds, barking dogs and had a good time. Especially enjoyed when the sun came out and the wind was on our backs, spring-like weather.

I was excited for my lunch, leftover  buffalo chicken pasta salad. Anya was excited too, she had teething biscuits which she likes because she can feed herself, and some meatloaf, rice, green beans from the other day.

Mm pasta.

I though marc would like his mexi-gauc burgers for dinner and realized I didnt think of a side item to go with them! I found a gorgeous rainbow slaw online with a Mexican inspired vinaigrette, it was so good.

I took a picture of marcs burgers because they were more photogenic then mine. I had one with LOADS of slaw all over my plate, ha! I really liked the spices in the burger, and guacamole? Yessssss!

I like to give marc something sweet for his break at work, so I made some mini berry tarts. It hits the spot (at only 1 Wwpp a piece!).

I’m sure I’ll be hitting the hay early as tomorrow starts my new shift. Super bowl watching may occur, we’ll see.



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