I wasn’t feeling so hot this morning so I made myself eat a few bites of banana to hopefully settle my stomach. I was a little preoccupied with my sickly feelings, so I didn’t notice my little darling looking for a bite! 

Yay ‘nana!!!! She cut her third tooth today, and she’s been extra ornery about it. 

Breakfast was awesome! Peach, raspberry smoothie that was mixed with ginger tea  to settle my stomach. I willed the bugs away! 

Mid morning snack, honey mustard pretzels. One of my favorites. 

Unfortunately, work hurts my being. I had a few semi-serious thoughts of changing my career. I could live as a librarian…surrounded by books and like minded souls. A mostly quiet solitude of the Dewey decimal system and teaching old folks how to use the interwebs. 

I stymied my dreams with scrumptious food. A huge part of my life of love and STRESS.

Thai Peanut Chicken Wonton Cupcakes. A thing of delicious beauty. 

I seriously recommend trying this recipe by Emilybites. Your tummy will thank you for it. 


2 thoughts on “Thai ”

  1. We got the stomach bug here too. I mentioned that two of my sons had it last week, but then it disappeared for a week and knocked me out on Tuesday. Jason got it yesterday. At least it went away quickly! Hope you’re feeling better by the time I leave this comment. I know I’m behind on posts, haha!

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