Happy best day of the week. 

We started our celebration at a local greasy spoon. Anya and I shared some strawberry crepes. She loved hitting the table and looking over her shoulder, flirting. 

After brunch, Marc took us to the library and we all got some fun treats. Dare you to try and figure out who picked what! 

We were all sleepy and skipped lunch. I watched Frozen with Anya and she fell asleep on my lap.  

I happened to look in the mirror after I had pulled my hair back (Anya really pulls) and it made me miss my short hair! Im going to think about it some more though, I’d miss the easy pony tails/ buns. 

Tomorrow we shop! I made our meal plan and will write down an actual list tomorrow. 

Have a good night! We’re going to keep snuggling and staying far, far away from the world in general.


2 thoughts on “Mellow”

  1. 1) I’m thinking about cutting my hair really short. 2) I’d totally forgotten Cincinnati chili as a meal we used to eat all the time in 2014-2015. I totally need to add that to next week’s food plan!

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