What a wacky Wednesday! I knew that today was going to be a “run run run” around kind of day. Anya woke up at 4am to eat and once she fell back asleep I got up and started my day.

Did you know around 4:30am, public tv is awesome?! There were three good movies on and I settled on a short Popeye cartoon so I wouldn’t get sucked in. Hilarious that I had seen that episode already. Oh whimpy, you’re my favorite! 

I was done with my workout well before dawn. I did this workout from Fitness Blender and it was the perfect amount of “tough”

Had to throw a filter on so I didn’t scare anyone after I finished! 🤣

Can’t beat cornflakes with banana for breakfast! 

After work (which was quite the busy day! I had leftovers for lunch at my desk)  I picked up Anya from her grandparents and came home to dinner waiting for us in the crockpot. 

It was… food. 🤣 I meant to have a salad on the side but ran out of veg? The heck? 

Now time to get the rascal to bed I’m exhausted! 


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