I think it’s healthy to take a chunk of time, revisit goals and make sure my mind is in alignment with what they used to be. 

Here are some of my health goals from September ( ⭐️)and New Years resolutions (🍎), some commentary in bold italics. 

⭐️ Create a strong core, especially to relieve & protect against back strain/ pain 

I think I could focus more on this goal. Previously I could be laying down, holding Anya and get up (like doing a sit up with her). I can now accomplish this, but it’s still a struggle. I’m going to do yoga twice weekly to help keep this goal in my mind.

⭐️ General strength training, be able to carry Anya in her car seat without struggling 

I don’t think I had any choice in this matter, I had to accomplish this! I think the struggle comes in only when I have to hold her for a longer period of time. She’s almost out of her car seat! Wow!

⭐️ 5k comfortably by Christmas 

I think I could have accomplished this task if I had the heart to. I think my mind and body are not “in to” running right now. I am doing well with other exercises though and I’d like to continue doing things that I like to do. Maybe running will come in the spring when I can run outside? We’ll see! Either way, I don’t feel badly about not meeting this goal.

⭐️ Spin at least once a week 

This is probably an easy goal forme because   it’s my favorite exercise day! Yay Monday’s! One thing I could work on is if I haven’t gone to spin class on that Monday, I will spin another day of the week.

🍎 consistently track WWPp and attend the WAC 

I’m killing this goal! I didn’t go to the WAC when we were all sick but I don’t hold that against me. Any mommy knows when hubby and baby are sick, mommy works double time! To make sure I hit my January goals, I’m going to allow myself to make up for missing by going on a couple unscheduled days (tuesdays, Saturday’s).

🍎 end 2017 with a FAT savings account 

I haven’t even started figuring this goal out. Hopefully our finances can make a little more sense in the coming months. 

🍎 organize, organize, organize 

Also haven’t even started this goal, which I won’t until February as my Christmas present was no cleaning in the month of January! Wahoo! 

🍎 speak more lovingly

I don’t think I had a real problem with this before, but I’m still being conscious of my words and thinking before I speak. 

Today was Anya’s third night in row in which she didn’t wake up in the middle of the night to eat! HUGE! 

Marc had to work at 8 this morning, so I made something fast and easy for breakfast. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring  you the Pina Colada Smoothie. Helped me forget its mid January for a minute! 6 Wwpp 

I forgot my phone charger at work and marc took his to work so I’m sorry folks, but that’s all she wrote. 

Have a wonderful Sunday. 


3 thoughts on “Goals”

  1. I HIGHLY recommend the KonMari method for organizing. I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up back about 18 months ago, and spent the second half of 2015 following her method. It was fantastic! I couldn’t do the whole house per her method since I have a spouse and three teen boys, but I was able to do a lot, and as a result, I knew were everything was in the house all the time. Now that we’ve moved, I was going to do the same thing here, but it turns out that I don’t really need to. She’s right in that this is a one-time deal if you do it the whole way. I love every single thing in my room and every book on my shelf and all the rest. I know where it all is. It’s fantastic. Highly recommended.

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