Pulled my neck muscles last night, paid for it all day. Icy hot, steamy showers, pain mess, rum, online shopping..nothing helped for long.

Oh well, at least breakfast was good! 

I made a berry yogurt parfait with pineapple and banana. Anya loved this too! 

One great thing about weight watchers? Zero point fruits! I got to have some cereal as well. I showed marc a portion of cereal and he laughed so hard! 

Anya wore jeans today for the first time. Here she is going to get an oil change with Daddy. 

Marcs been talking about his birthday non stop so I decided to give him another present (first was a Jim Jeffries Dvd he weaseled out of me haha). 

Dinner was awesome! Mac and cheese!! Balsamic Brussels were a good match, especially the carmelized onions. 

Hard to believe I can have Mac and cheese, chips,chocolate etc on weight watchers. Truly shows how this can be a lifestyle. 

Going to rest my neck, ouch! 


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