Marc let me sleep last night, he’s the best. 

I thought I’d take advantage of a good nights rest by sleeping in and going to the gym after work. What a mistake. Foreshadowing much? 

Breakfast of two pumpkin muffins, hb egg: 6 Wwpp 

Around lunch time, I was beginning to see that the day was going downhill fast. I didn’t have time for lunch, ate at my desk. 

Doritos taco salad 8 wwpp

Here I am hating the world, stressed for all aspects of life. Completely unable to keep it together, working “overtime” (overtime is such a laughable term, what I should say is salaried pay, wow so lucky to work ten hours today ❤❤❤) for what feels like a very thankless position at times. 

Here’s the sunlight of the day: braving icy roads to come home to this pumpkin princess. 

Marc made a delicious dinner, bubble up pizza casserole and green beans 8wwpp

I let him drink my wine as a thank you…sooo I had another helping 😎 

Still under point tho


…oh almost forgot about foreshadowing…. I didn’t go to the gym. I’ve had it with this day, but a lost battle does not make the end of the war…or some epic quote like that. 


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