Snooze Fest ’99

Anya woke up breathing like a pug! Poor thing’s come down with a cold. 

Someone tell her that… 🤣

Tuesday mornings are pretty busy so I made a grab-n’-go style breakfast of hb eggs, carrot sticks and turkey pepperoni. 

One way you can tell she’s feeling under the weather. 

Lunch was leftover lasagna roll ups from last night, yum! 

For dinner: DORITOS!

Sometimes you just want junk food, why not in moderation? Why not in a Doritos Taco Salad?

Look at all that cheesy goodness! 

Here she is folks, 8 Wwpp of heaven. I had never tried Catalina dressing before, it’s pretty tasty! 

Now I’m enjoying a beer; watching Anya bounce around, screaming like a happy banshee. 

About to get my gym bag ready for my date with the gym tomorrow morning. 

Enjoy your evening! 


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