“Yoga Booty Ballet”

I love waking up leisurely watching my child discover new things…

She loves looking at the shiny ice

We all enjoyed a hash brown, Cheddar, feta and spinach quiche for breakfast for 5 Wwpp. Clementine on the side 🍊

After breakfast settled, I was in the living room, shaking like a leaf in the half moon yoga pose and I heard Marc say “Oh! You’re doing some Yoga Booty Ballet!” 

That is the perfect example of a Marc-ism, a thing which Marc says over and over again through the years that still make me laugh 🤣

The Yoga sequence I attempted (I’m a newbie) felt so good and difficult in a positive way.  I know I’ll get better and better the more I practice. 

After I was done, I took a moment to relax in the suns rays. I had my faithful 9 year old companion by my side and our new addition watching curiously on the table…

After Anya woke from her nap, we all went grocery shopping. I could feel that I was running on an empty tank so Marc and I went to Starbucks. This protein box was actually pretty good and was 10wwpp

Later in the afternoon I had another banana bread smoothie. The tbsp of pecans really make this recipe a winner. (5 Wwpp)

Since I’m flying semi- solo tonight  (marcs at work), I just ate something easy for dinner. This buffalo marinated tuna taco with sour cream and coleslaw mix was actually the bomb. The kettle cooked chips and celery rounded out this mom-on-the-go meal 12wwpp 

Anya and her alfalfa hair are enjoying trying celery for the first time. 
End scene on a glorious weekend. 


2 thoughts on ““Yoga Booty Ballet””

  1. My favorite yoga is Yoga With Adriene. She’s running a 31-day camp right now, new vid every day, and I’m a couple days behind but I’m doing my best to complete as much as I can this month! It’s really good for my stupidly-broken foot.

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