Sometimes your soul needs a day with family, I’m glad I got to fill my soul today. 
Before meeting up with my in-laws, I used up some old bananas and made banana bread smoothies. In the mix: cottage cheese, milk, pecans, banana, oats…SO GOOD (5 Wwpp) 

We took a trip to the library and ended up at a local restaurant. I had a microbrew (a smoke infused ale), grilled chicken and kale wrap with sautéed vegetables. I gave Marc half of my wrap. Beer and veggies, all me! (Look at Anya taking off her sock!)

Anya tried a pickle! I was waiting to take the follow up sour face picture but she never made it! 

Finally, at our last destination of the night- Babcia and Dziadzia’s! We love the swimming pool, especially Anya.  I enjoyed relaxing poolside with my mother in law.

They always feed us very well too! Spaghetti squash and salmon (I had seconds!), unpictured polish bread with butter and a slice of lemon cake. So good! 

Going to continue relaxing with family, maybe watch a movie. Love days like this.


4 thoughts on “Babcia’s”

  1. That’s got to be an indoor pool right? I was having a moment, reading this, wondering if you moved somewhere south where an outdoor pool might still be usable in the winter depending on the day, but then I saw your restaurant was still in WI. The picture makes the pool look outdoors, though…

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