It’s a Wrap! 

We thought we’d put a wrap on  the end of 2016… literally. ​

A relaxed breakfast (Anya let us sleep until 8!) 

Ham, egg, spinach, cheddar in a flatout wrap. Clementine on the side. (7 Wwpp)

There’s nothing better then a coffee enjoyed without any rush… (1 Wwpp)

A pear that I almost forgot to document, so juicy! (0 Ww pp)

Apple Cheddar Turkey wrap, BBQ baked chip (8 Ww pp)

Then, the low point of the day…We were on our way to the grocery store and locked ourselves out of the house. That stunk. In-laws to the rescue!

Anya’s looking forward to the new year, new beginnings and that much closer to tax returns 🤣

​My 2017 goals in a nutshell:

  • Stay consistent with Ww & WAC 
  • End 2017 with a FAT saving account! 
  • Organize,organize, organize 
  • Speak more lovingly

Do you have any resolutions? 



One thought on “It’s a Wrap! ”

  1. Aww, I’m sorry you got stuck outside your house! Ironically, my mother-in-law did the same thing on the 31st and Jason and the boys had to go help her!

    Good luck with your 2017 goals, and happy new year!

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