I know a lot of us are feeling grateful for a day symbolizing a fresh start. It’s an easier way for our analytical minds to let go and move forward!  

I’m looking forward to what this year will bring. Anya will turn 1, we’ll (try) to go on a true vacation to Florida in June. We’ll celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary and my 10 year high school school reunion is coming up (hence vacation).

My first eats of 2017 were shared with a munchkin. 

Mini pumpkin spice muffin (2 Wwpp)

Trying to use up some ‘nanas. Peanut banana smoothie (4 Wwpp). Anya enjoyed some Greek yogurt and mashed banana. Then the cat and dog enjoyed cleaning up her bowl afterwards. What a mess! 

After breakfast settled we did a mommy and me workout. Anya pooped out after the second set, so I did the third set with her help on squats and push-ups/ plank only.

Here’s the set list if you’re interested! Mommy and Me Workout

I guess I really tired her out now she’s napping. I’m going to save this and try to power clean myself and the house! Wish me luck! (Time: 9:22am)

(12:23pm) Lunch was AMAZING! 

Spinach Artichoke Grilled Cheese (8 Wwpp) and tomato basil soup (3 Wwpp).. yeahhhh! 

Anya and I are watching Zootopia, it’s a cute movie!

I think she likes it! 

Nap time obviously… 

(4:23 pm) Dinner comes early for those with little babies…

I had to take a bite to see if it needed mustard (it did).

Turkey on wheat, carrots, clementine (5 Wwpp)

Going to behave with the eats for the rest of the night. Will end the evening with some wheat thins and a hot chocolate (5 Wwpp) 

Happy to have started 2017 on the note I was trying to harmonize with. 

Happy New Year! 


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