Wearing Red

I had to get extra snuggles this morning for three reasons 
1) those EYEBROWS! 

2) unicorn pajamas 

3) my babyyyy

Today was build your own salad day at work, so I built it! Really yummy and I definitely couldn’t finish it. I got a Diet Pepsi because it was naughty…

I forgot to take a picture of dinner but I have had it before on this blog: Sausage Tortellini Tomato Soup. Anya had some soup too, you can see here that soup is hard to keep in a 8 month olds mouth.. šŸ¤¤

She’s getting to be really happy during bath time and went down like a champ. Now it’s time for a movie and snuggles. What a great day!




It’s definitely a hockey weekend. I’ve always loved hockey, I must be a closet fan (well, until today). 

After a wonderful time with family, I settled down for a nice long Allstate game. 


It’s still on I’m going back to watching! 

Happy Birthday Marc

Today my husband turns 36! 

We celebrated with delicious BBQ, I had burnt ends and collard greens. So good! 

We went to the Admirals game and had fun watching some fights and a goal! Ads lost, I’ve never seen them win a game in person! 

We had a lot of fun anyway! A much needed date night and hopefully a very successful birthday. 


I had dinner out with friends tonight. I always love catching up with them, it was lovely. 
I had a maple tempeh BLAT with rosemary bun and smoked carrots. Absolutely delectable. 



Was rushing this morning so didn’t have time for my smoothie. Marc came to the rescue and made me some yogurt with peanuts and banana. SO GOOD!

Work was okay, but it pales to comparison of what I came home to! I miss this peanut so much when I’m gone. It hurts my soul.

She gets older and more sophisticated every day. I can’t believe she’s 8 months old now.

Anya helped me cook dinner! Butternut squash frittata with a blood orange. I always know eggs will be welcomed dinner. I’m glad because they’re cheap, nutritious, easy and YUM. 

Eggs pair well with Cab šŸ˜Ž

Marc is trying to convince me to watch “The Purge”, I’d rather watch “Elizabeth” tune in tomorrow to see who won! 


Do you ever experience those days where things just feel weird? My day was like that, probably because I went to work later and stayed later to attend a webinar. 

I had another smoothie and one of these little cuties (lemon muffin).


Lunch was leftovers from last night and I made Cincinnati chili that turned that rich brown color from some dark cocoa powder.