Time Warp

How is it already day 3?

I’ll take it! 

I’ve been enjoying that peanut banana smoothie, iced coffee and fruit lately, today was a clementine. 

Snacked on celery, baked BBQ chips. Lunch was leftover split pea and another clementine. 

Went to the gym again today (walked on incline 45 minutes). I’m feeling happy because  I’ve almost hit my goal of going to the gym 12x this month. 20$ off dues through my insurance if  I do! Woot woot! I guess I’m very money motivated lol, that must be the Taurus in me. 

Marc made a delicious dinner! Turkey Chili Mac with Jalapeños 

I couldn’t resist adding this snuggle bug picture from last night. I crave early mornings and early evenings, they’re mommy and me time. 
This is probably my biggest hurdle, I feel like I don’t get a lot of time with her and she’s only going to be this small for such a brief time. I’m determined to keep going though…she needs a good role model and like I said before, I want to be able to keep up!!! 

Have a good night! Thanks for reading! Off to watch Will Smith’s movie Concussion, how exciting! 


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