A Journey

January comes and goals begin, mine are no different from others. 
However, I feel like something inside of me is changing. Clarity has been showing up and with it, a tiny whisper of self worth. 

For me, optimal health has been a fictional character that I might have had a peripheral glimpse at around 2011-2012. From there- shit got real and I went from paddling water to 20,000 leagues under the sea. 
The beauty is that it’s not the end of my story. This journey will keep going and I decide where I’ll end up.  

I’m going to fight. I’m fighting for the ability to chase Anya around until she’s tired. I’m fighting for myself and how I wish to love my body instead of soothing old hurts. 

So let’s start again shall we? I almost wrote start over but in reality it’s not starting over because I have so much knowledge of what’s worked/ hasn’t worked for me. 

The last time I lost 80 pounds,(www.czesialives.blogspot.com) I started slow with Weight Watchers and you better believe I’m doing this again. I also kept my blog going and wrote in it consistently. I exercised more times a week then not. I kept myself motivated by sharing my journey with others. I took pictures of what I ate/did that day.

Done deal. 

Breakfast: (5 Wwpp) 

Banana peanut smoothie with iced coffee and a pear

Lunch/snack: (11 Wwpp) 

Apple Cheddar turkey wrap with baked BBQ chips and celery

Dinner: Emily Bites Beef Enchilada Quinoa Casserole (8Wwpp) 

…With a beer and avocado  (8 Wwpp)

I’ll be spinning tonight with my best friend and all is well within my heart.  

Here’s to the journey. 


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