I’ve worked myself to the bone today. I love days like that though… days where you just can’t seem to quit.

Maybe it was this delicious strawberry smoothie that perked me up?


Or maybe it was the scrumptious Buddha bowl for dinner? Either way, I am feeling happy, hopeful and yes a little tired.


The weeks end.

It was truly lovely.  Best moment? Anya fell asleep on me during her nap today and I could have counted all of her eyelashes if I had wanted. I got to run my fingers through her hair, see her up close and smell her baby skin. Being a mother is truly the best gift. 


I feel like Suzie homemaker! I made this gingerbread with lemon glaze, folded a few loads of laundry with Anya (she’s really good at unfolding clothes once I’ve folded it!), fed everyone and made Marc his dinner, played with the baby, changed her and put her to bed! 

Now I’m off to make some coffee to enjoy with a hearty slice of this bread tomorrow morning. I’m hoping that will be just the ticket to bravely face the snow Mother Nature has so cruely hosed us with. 

Swiss Chard

Marc sent me some pictures of Anya today; look she found the great outdoors! 

I love that she was on her tiptoes, she reminds me of tommy pickles from Rugrats in that one! 

The cat joined her, soaking up the sun. 

Marc and his Dad were working on the plumbing in our bathroom when I got home from work so I quickly made dinner. Pork shoulder, spicy Swiss chard with bacon and Parmesan polenta. We were going to have friends over for dinner but unfortunately she wasn’t feeling well (feel better soon šŸ¤—)

While dinner was cooking I made some quick pickles out of the Swiss chard stems and a couple lonely zucchini in the fridge a la Tamar Adler. 

Can’t wait to try them. Wow am I glad I can go to sleep soon šŸ¤£



I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing weekend. Sometimes I honestly have a goal to stay in my comfortable clothes the whole time and snuggle. Anya and I got lots of snuggles in, I love getting the opportunity to hold her when she naps. I cherish these moments. 

Dinner was a lot better then I thought it was going to be. Really can’t go wrong with roasted vegetables, which were really the star. Hot Italian turkey sausage was salty but still delicious. 

I’ve been addicted to the Great British Baking Show and was inspired to try baking. It’s a realm I’ve never delved to far into but im proud of my makeshift peanut filled Swiss roll. 

Needless to say, marc was shocked. Maybe Sundays will become practice baking days? Maybe alongside the show I’ll stay inspired. 



Wow, I blinked and a few weeks have flown by! 

It’s been a relaxing day, filled with online scrabble, snuggle snoozes with Anya (I just snuggled and watched her- I am not a mapper unfortunately), and a British baking show on Netflix. 

I had finished my chores before 9am which included grocery shopping, vaccuming and the kitchen. It feels so good to be a homemaker on the weekends. 

Dinner was a very comforting plate of bucatini and bolognese. Anya loved it, as did we! 

Off to continue on this Saturday journey of R&R.